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Wonder Woman

Poster of the movie
Patty Jenkins | 2017 | USA, UK
Saturday 14 October 2017 (watched)

Let me introduce you to Wonder Woman.

Coming from an island of women only, a man has to show her how to behave in the real world. He also makes sure she's not too much distracted by cute babies or wounded soldiers she wants to help. When she tells about some bizarre God stuff, the man needs to filter out the bullshit and convert it to an actual goal. When she's making a big scene because too much violence in this world and peace is better than war, the man needs to calm her down. She wakes up from a night in a basic boat, her mascara perfectly made. She enters the battlefield like she entered a fashion podium, in slow motion please. She charges at a bad guy, destroying the bell tower of a church, creating a havoc full of dust and dirt, but her hairstyle is still up to an advertisement for a shampoo.

For a self-advertised feminist movie, it makes all efforts possible so that it could be confused with a casually sexist one. As for the content itself, it’s the latest issue from DC Garbage Studios.