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The Fabelmans

Poster of the movie
Steven Spielberg | 2022 | USA, India
Saturday 25 February 2023 (watched, at the theater 📽️)

A diary of Spielberg's coming of age from the man himself is going to be intriguing for any Spielberg fan, so this automatically got my undivided attention, and appreciation. Still, the movie is a bizarre thing, firstly because it contains anecdotes which, as significant as they might be for the director, can seem out of place for an external spectator. Secondly because Michelle Williams and Paul Dano's acting oscillates between some weird phony play and actual great acting, and, in my opinion, just awkwardly personifies the sensibility that Spielberg tries to convey about his parents (which I obviously never met, so I'm completely talking out of my ass here).

It is said that decent writers write for themselves, but great writers write for the reader. Spielberg spent his career making movies for moviegoers, I guess it's fair enough to cut him some slack when he's making a movie for himself. Good of him to let us peek. (Especially the scene with his high school crush, which gave my packed theater a pretty good laugh.)