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The Emperor's New Groove

Poster of the movie
Mark Dindal | 2000 | USA
Thursday 26 December 2019 (watched)

It had been sold to me as “The best Disney” or “not like the other Disneys”. Here’s a notice: if you usually like Disneys, and some people tell you about a Disney that is not like the others, well, you probably won’t like this specific one. Kuzco looks like it was written by some interns at Disney, with an entertaining voice-over sounding like some YouTuber, an endless flow of easy jokes, and an absolutely ridiculous plot where a dictator becomes (spoiler) a good guy because he took a stroll with a good daddy. Long gone the time where the morale of tales was pragmatic advice on how to make the best of real life in spite of its ruthlessness. The truth is that it wasn’t made by interns, but by artists in a hurry, which also explains why it’s visually so poor.