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The Animal Kingdom

Le règne animal
Poster of the movie
Thomas Cailley | 2023 | France, Belgium
Thursday 9 November 2023 (watched, at the theater 📽️)

I went to a late night screening on the movie's sixth week, only to have a woman with some sort of vertical hairstyle to sit in front of me in the almost empty room. After I shifted one sit left to have an open view, a couple came up and sat directly next to me on my left. When I had made up my mind to shift 2 sits to the right, another couple came to the right to corner me.

After accepting that I was in the fucking Truman Show, I figured that at least I would enjoy the movie, but understood how wrong I was after 30 minutes of it. People transforming into animals and a teenager wandering in the hood to make friend with some bird guy. Even the Wright Brothers back in the day figured out that you need empennage to fly. This bird guy flying with his legs lose is ridiculous and non-believable because of this. How the hell are his legs supposed to be aligned with his body?? Is he the Concorde or something?

I guess there is some metaphor about the transformations of teenagehood in there, but I don't care.

The one shot of the hunters on stilts walking on the cornfield is really great.