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Sound of Freedom

Poster of the movie
Alejandro Monteverde | 2023 | Mexico, USA
Thursday 2 May 2024 (watched)

I went into this blind since it had a good IMDb rating, disliked it, googled it, and wondered what can of worms I had opened.

TL;DR: it's a movie from a company doing "Christian movies" about a guy who fights child trafficking inspired from the true story of a guy who, in real-life, is accused of sexual misconduct by several women. Also, Jim Caviezel lectures you during the rolling credits about how important this movie is to fight child trafficking, and gives you a QR code so that you can donate money.

Anyway, if you like nonsensical editing (or nonsensical story, for that matter), the dullest soundtrack (or dullest everything, for that matter), and long shots of thousand-yard-stare-Jim-Caviezel, watch it!