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Poster of the movie
Cooper Raiff | 2020 | USA
Monday 28 December 2020 AD (watched)

The photography is sometimes amateur-ish which makes some scenes almost look like a collection of tik toks, but one can get used to it. The movie really excels thanks to the alchemy between the two leads and their long discussions, which are reminiscent of the Before trilogy. I never saw a coming-of-age themed movie dealing with the subject at such an existential level. Many other such movies tend to be more focused on new experiences (with funny gags and whatnots), quirky personalities, and random college drama, but the characters are usually solid. Shithouse features fragile characters, for whom even anything quickly moves into the existential range, and they become heroes of they own story by simply dealing with it. Really sweet movie overall. Solid directorial debut for director-writer-actor Cooper Raiff.