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Chan-wook Park | 2003 | South Korea
Monday 22 February 2021 (watched)

I find it a bit easy to engineer a revelation out of such disturbing concepts, it gives the impression that the author needs to go to a great extent into the bizarre to make it work, by lack of cleverness to create surprise out of something more familiar. The problem is that even if you don't guess the story, the movie still informs you pretty clearly that some sort of conspiration is going on, which completely undermines the free will of the main character, such that you're basically looking at a mice lab trying to find the exit of a labyrinth, without much dramatic tension since the path has been determined from the beginning. A character who is presented at times completely badass and at times completely desperate, you don't really know what character development the movie is trying to go with. Add to that a frenetic editing which makes the whole thing look like a collection of video game cinematics, and this concludes the recipe for a movie I don't like.