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Niki Caro | 2020 | USA, Canada, Hong Kong
Wednesday 9 September 2020 (watched)

So lame. The animated movie is vastly superior. - The so-called "chi" gives a magic advantage to Mulan, which undermines the idea that she becomes a strong warrior because of determination, hard work, and skills. It also undermines the feminist aspect of the story, since her becoming best of the regiment now depends on an unfair advantage. - Way less believable that Mulan would be mistaken for a man when played by a real actress. - The eagle is a woman. What have they been smoking over there. - Bad guys leader (not huns?) has the charisma of an afternoon TV show's bad guy. - Too serious to contains song or jokes. Therefore no Mushu, and no "I'll make a man out of you." When even make the movie. - The animated movie is light-years ahead in term of beauty than this live-action crap. The comb she leaves before fleeing from her house is like a random thing. No rag doll from the burned village. No Attila appearing at the top of the ridge, no cavalry charge form thee top of the mountain. Everything is plain.

I'm gonna pretend this doesn't exist.