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Ari Aster | 2019 | USA, Sweden
Friday 30 December 2022 (watched)

"I don't know anything about anthropology" seems like an appropriate response to witnessing murder. How many red flags do you need god dammit.

Anyway great directing, and stellar acting from Florence Pugh.

<spoiler>The movie burns the doubt card too fast to hold any tension, which was kind of a disappointment, then decides that it wouldn't be a survival but a slasher, which was another disappointment, and ultimately chose to be cynical, which was a final disappointment (I'm sorry but building such an empathy-inducing character so that she can become the queen of psycho-swedish barbarian dickheads is beyond my threshold of tolerability). It still has value in its study of the mechanics of a cult, all wrapped up in a bizarre but captivating atmosphere. It is, in fact, this atmosphere that makes me like the movie in hindsight. Rarely a movie has left such a striking aftertaste in my mind.</spoiler>