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Inside Out

Poster of the movie
Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen | 2015 | USA
Monday 7 September 2015 (watched)

The fundamental problem is that the implementation doesn’t bring any more details than the abstraction. You have characters in the brain that are supposed to be the « internals » of the high-level emotional result and it just turns out that those characters are… emotions. Well thanks but this is useless, I can see the emotions directly by looking at the girl’s face and reactions. The movie gets it when Joy gets lost out of the headquarters which therefore creates a depressive state in Riley. Here we have a non-trivial low-level mechanism that creates a high-level emotion. I also just moderately liked the sort of catalog of the different brain places (memories, abstraction, etc). It’s like we’re on an educative attraction for kids about psychology in Disneyland.