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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Poster of the movie
George Miller | 2024 | Australia, USA
Saturday 8 June 2024 (watched, at the theater 📽️)

A bit too many things wrong there:

  • The narrative arc is too ambitious, too big in scope, to fit into a movie with appropriate rhythm. Some parts end up rushed, and I think the whole thing should have been a miniseries. This is not as bad as Dune 2 though, because there are still some scenes taking the time to develop proper action.
  • Chris Hemsworth character doesn't work for me. Any important character of the universe is in one way or another charismatic or particularly recognizable, but he just looks pretty random; too young, notably.
  • Some parts of the seams of the plot are weak. <spoiler>Immortan Joe values Furiosa as part of a deal, but when she disappears this is a non-event?</spoiler> Some parts are just barely understand-able.
  • Although overall the action scenes are very impressive (and there certainly are a lot of incredible stunt craft), at times the image somehow looks fake-ish (CGI? The volume?)

I give it a rating in the "positive" side of the range because I didn't get bored and still had somewhat of a good time, but that's a weak prequel.