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Civil War

Poster of the movie
Alex Garland | 2024 | USA, UK
Sunday 21 April 2024 (watched, at the theater 📽️)

Beware, this joins the ranks of War of the Worlds in having a misleading marketing campaign about war when it's actually a more intimate and artsy movie — in this case a road movie. I re-calibrated my expectations quickly enough to enjoy it as what it is, which happens to be pretty good.

We get to see a roadshow of scenes ranging from somewhat mundane to highly stressful, but constantly accompanied by a backdrop of war. Those who expect an action movie will need to wait for all this US-under-war imagery to pass by to enjoy the finale — a very well-crafted depiction of urban warfare.

The story and character development is certainly not revolutionary, but just solid enough to hold this thing together.

Special props to the cinematography (quite beautiful, on point for the subject matter) and the incredible sound design.