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Greta Gerwig | 2023 | USA, UK
Saturday 29 July 2023 (watched, at the theater 📽️)

It was all entertaining and interesting, culminating to a tear dropped at the moment Barbie realizes that the texture of the real world, including the unperfect complexity of mixed feelings, and the beauty of old age, makes life way more vivid and engaging than a smooth and ultimately dystopian Barbieland.

As I was having a laugh at Ken finding purpose in his discovery of patriarchy, my double steak bacon cheeseburger from Five Guy hit hard, and I soon fell into a coma after which I must have woken up in another, way less subtle movie, in which a women made a discourse about how hard it is to follow-up to the expectations of being a woman, apparently not to open her YouTube channel about feminism, but to make the plot progress in some direction.

The rest of the story, which I barely understood (probably because of my coma), does not put men characters (Kens) in a favorable light, as they're all represented as idiots who like to mansplain and who like the Godfather. I assume the movie is smart enough for this not to be sexist, but it didn't engage me enough to try to understand why (sleeping through surely didn't help). No matter the result of this ethical question, the whole shebang wasn't particularly captivating anyway.

I very much enjoyed the I'm just Ken clip though.