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Another Round

Poster of the movie
Thomas Vinterberg | 2020 | Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands
Sunday 4 April 2021 AD (watched)

I find the base concept a bit stupid (do you really need to make a "study" to understand what will go wrong?), but I nonetheless appreciated the way to movie unrolls, as well as its morale (<spoiler>You can celebrate good things that happen in life with alcohol, but trying to make good things happen thanks to alcohol will definitely not work</spoiler>). More especially, I find the ending really sweet, as it shows how <spoiler>your own emotional response to a really good news can unleash way more energy than alcohol will ever be able to do</spoiler>. There might also be an interesting subtext in the story concerning the character of Tommy, <spoiler>who is the one who falls the most easily into full-on alcoholism, even though he didn't appear to be the most unstable of the bunch. The story focuses on Martin and his problems because we are seeing things from his point of view, but maybe Tommy was hiding a deeper depressive state about his own life, which simply went unnoticed.</spoiler>